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Push-down Magnetic Levitation Electronic DIY Spare Parts Soldering Training DIY Kit
Push-down Magnetic Levitation Electronic DIY Spare Parts Soldering Training DIY Kit Push-down Magnetic Levitation Electronic DIY Spare Parts Soldering Training DIY Kit

Push-down Magnetic Levitation Electronic DIY Spare Parts Soldering Training DIY Kit


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Kit parameters:

Power supply power supply: DC12V 2A

Floating can be called lighter objects (less than 50g)

Main control board: The suspension system is controlled by a single -chip microcomputer to save complex peripheral circuits. The welding is simple. Only a small amount of components are used to control more stable and reliable.

Note: Working for a long time, the 1293 chip will have fever.

Finished product size: 90*90*25mm

Weight: about 180g


This product mainly includes single-chip microcomputers, strong magnets, coils, Hall sensors, signal amplifier circuits, H bridge drive circuits, and DC-DC antihypertensive circuits. The closed-loop control method is used to make the static characteristics of the static static characteristics of the setting.

The single -chip microcomputer continues to detect the position of the suspended body by sampled the two Hall sensors, and the magnetic field force of the coil is controlled by driving the H bridge circuit to control the coil, so that the suspended body will not deviate from the center position, and it can achieve a long -term stable suspension function.

Package includes:

Name Label QTY.
Patch STC8H1K28 single chip machine U7 1
Patch L293DD chip U5 1
Patch 78MO5 Stabilization Chip U6 1
Patch LM358 chip U4 1
3296W potentiometer 103 R5 R9 2
Patch electrolytic capacitance 16V 220UF C1 C2 2
Linear Hall sensor AH3503 U1 U2 U3 3
0805 Patch capacitance 104 C3 1
0805 Patch resistance 100K R3 R4 2
0805 Patch resistance 4. 7K R1 R2 2
0805 Patch resistance 0R R6 1
0805 Patch resistance 330R R7 R8 R10 R11 4
DC2.1 power seat J1 1
Patch 0807 Seven Color Lights L1 L2 L3 L4 4
Magnetic suspension coil 4
Iron boron magnet hole 4mm, diameter 15mm thick 4mm 8
Iron boron magnet hole 4mm, diameter 12mm thick 4mm 1
Iron Boron Magnet solid diameter 25mm thick 5mm 1
Iron Boron Magnet solid diameter 25mm thick 3mm 1
M4 nut 4
M4x12 screw 4
M3X6 screw 8
M3x12 copper column 4
PCB board 1
DC12V 2A power supply 1


1. Put the flying saucer base (the base of the suspension system) on the horizontal desktop. (If the desktop is not well displayed, it will not be suspended).

2. Connect the power of the magnetic suspension base (DC12V 2A). After the normal connection is connected, the power indicator is not on.

3. Keep the hand in the hand, hold the suspended support, and at the upper side of the base of the base, about 10cm, so that the display of the display of the display is slowly close to the center of the system. This position is the suspension position of the displayed trim (about 12mm -15mm above the base). After grasping the sense of balance of the shot, let go of your hands slowly, and the display support can be suspended and rotated in the air.

4. Please ensure that the system is far from lyric products (at least 20m), such as computers, audio, and other products with medium waves and magnetic forces. Otherwise, the display will not be able to suspend the power supply normally, such as the interruption, and the display will not be suspended normally. If it is not used for a long time, the suspension support is separated from the base.

5. If you install your own magnet, you must pay attention to distinguish the magnet NS direction. When the suspended support and the base magnet are sucked, the indicator light is on when the suspension tray is placed. Explain that the magnet is installed correctly, otherwise it is reversed.

Points to Note:

1. Avoid the display on the hard ground or collide with other objects, otherwise it will damage the suspension system.

2. Please make sure that the suspended support is placed in the correct position of the suspension system.

3. Avoid violent vibration or tapping the base, otherwise the suspension system installation in the base will be easily damaged.

4. This product is magnetic. Please keep the distance from the watch and the mobile hard disk easily maintain the distance of more than 20cm.

5. Do not repeat the suspension support over the base in a short period of time, otherwise the difficulty of the shadow shadow and the suspension support will cause the heat of the suspension system to rise rapidly.

6. If it is difficult to display the trustees during use, please break the base and restart the machine after 5 minutes.

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Specification: Push-down Magnetic Levitation Electronic DIY Spare Parts Soldering Training DIY Kit


DIY Kit, DIY Kit with Adapter, DIY Kit with Shell, DIY Kit with Adapter and Shell

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  1. Its very good item for me, usually I am using this for charging my power bank (10000mah). Very good.

  2. Excellent android box

    I bought one for us. And to be honest I was VERY SCEPTICAL. But once installed the sky is the limit on what you can do. Our kids are grown with their own children and even the grandchildren know how to operate it and love the video options. So we decided to get them their own and not to brag but mom and dads gift were the bomb. Even the grandchildren were excited 

  3. A+ If you use the right cup!

    After having it for a few days I love it! I tried it with different cups and mugs and you’ll want to use the a mug with a flat base to really spread the heat. I pre heat my mug while my coffee brews and it will stay hot as long as you’d like. I found the default high heat setting worked best for me. It’s not to expensive and makes a great gift. I got mine in black and it looks great on my desk at work.

  4. Yes, it works!

    This thing really works. If you are reading a review that says it doesn’t then they r either not using it correctly or using the wrong product. I did not get paid to use this product or my personal opinion like others. I didn’t want to spend all the extra money on a fancy brand name with the same results. My pics will speak for themselves. 

  5. Perfect nothing to say and accurate data super
    Thanks to seller send fast

  6. Lightly box is pressed in brightness, but writing data is no problem four yo ~

  7. Arrival a few days before the scheduled date, very satisfied. Well packaged, received intact and functional, perfect for sketches, simple design but good for the price. Comes with an anti-loss strap, and the pen easy to store.

  8. I arrived a week earlier than planned, I loved it coming with the battery included, very good product

  9. It didn’t take long to get there, all ok

Push-down Magnetic Levitation Electronic DIY Spare Parts Soldering Training DIY Kit


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