Top 10 Smart Home Gadgets will make your day to day life, more convenient

1. UVRoboclean

Designed to sanitize every nooks and corners of your home, UV Robo cleaned boast of state-of-the-art technology and supreme level of efficiency encased in a durable and compressed shell the UV robo clean destroys 99.98% of viruses and bacteria. Using disinfecting power of ultraviolet light instead of harmful chemicals and pollutants it is equipped with no fall edge detection technology which means with its advanced sensors it can detect obstacles and the ages of countertops. The UV Robo clean comes the two cleaning modes autonomous and handheld in autonomous cleaning mode it can operate for hours at a time without human intervention all you need to do is set the UV Robo clean on a surface that needs to be sanitized and it will do the rest. It also comes with a handheld mode that lets you clean irregular surfaces like the keys on a keyboard or a doorknob powered by a high-capacity rechargeable battery the UV Robo clean can operate for hours on a single charge in addition unlike chemical cleaners it is also odor and residue free from the keys of your home to the sink in the kitchen the user robot clean can access every corner of the house and keep it clean, please note that this product is going to Astra from the campaign and you can support them to get this project in your life.

2. Lenovo Smart Frame

Aiming to elevate your photo man recent home is taking up a notch lenovo smart frame is here to frame those moments that defines your life with its 21.5 inch 1080p display with a beautiful 15 by 24 frame reminisce every beautiful moment of your life captured in picture, made from aluminum the display itself comes coated with an anti-glare layer which elevates your viewing experience. In addition a color tone sensor adjusts the brightness and colors and for photos and art to match the advent lights in a room not just that the Leno’s perpetual mounting system will let you install the level smart frame on most walls and rotate from landscape to portrait in just seconds the Lenovo smart frame can also share photos from the Google photos library to the smart frame as you upload them, may discover memories with the AI based smart for the suggestion algorithm and Auto collages also you can simply wave your hand in front of gesture sensor located in the bottom border to swipe through pictures and art not forget advanced options for the companion app on iOS or Android. This smart frame will decorate your house and will not let you have a single mundane moment.

3. W’air Clothing Care

A powerful new tool to act your personal clothing care routine with the simple to use and will be a great addition to your smart home, its technology combines a gentle burst of air with just tiny bit of water and soap the collision science behind this produces, a very precise parameter that effectively pushes away dirt grime and odor causing bacteria all you have to do is turn the device on press the trigger button and engage with your fabric. Its patented hydrodynamic technology propels a very specific spray from its nozzle general removing spots stains and smelly bacteria in a way the traditional cleaning technology does not not only that it uses 99 percent less water and 77 percent less detergent than machine washing saving a great deal of energy and resources if you are after a device that’ll wash revive and refresh your clothes in a more environmentally friendly way than the where is what you’re looking for.

4. SIN SHINE-Air Duster Vacuum Cleaner

The Sin Shine electric air duster a powerful device that you can use to quickly remove dust from a computer’s keyboard air conditioners other electronic appliances of your home featuring a 550 watt motor the powerful wind allows you to easily remove dust and dirt from computers keyboard, air conditioners and even expensive electronic equipment. This powerful 120 volt vacuum cleaner features 550 watt motor that is ideal for keyboards computers and other technological equipment cleaning and can even help you remove dust from the interior of your home’s air conditioner or under the refrigerator and stove there is a powerful lighting functions that can help you easily clean the durational area at any time with three different nozzles air needle indicator concentrator nozzle bail mount nozzle and three brushes meter various needs with an extra-long 10 foot cord and with a weight of only one for nine pounds this vacuum cleaner switch to hold and press for power and automatically turns off one button is released the seen shine Electric air duster is an alternative to compressed air which is inexpensive and non-toxic it saves your money gas water and protects the environment thus in shine electric air duster is a one-time investment so you’ll never need to buy canned air ever again making the perfect electric vacuum cleaner to clean all free electronic devices.

5. Bosma Aegis Smart Door Lock

A smart piece of innovation and engineering Bosma ages smart door lock lets you keep your existing deadbolt outside lock and keys while transforming the entire locking mechanism into a smart one it can automatically unlock the door as you approach your home and with its integrated 9 axis sensor it can detect when the door is not closed and send you a notification as a reminder it can also detect if someone is trying to break into your home and immediately will notify you when it happens in addition you can grant user access to your family members and guests via the boss my app and can also unlock or lock your door from anywhere with a simple tap under film if needed you can also have a fingerprint module installed by the Sentry that works with the boss my egg is smart block to enable fingerprint access to your door not to mention it is supremely easy to install and equipped with a ES 128 encryption so that you canuse your app and digital keys knowing no one will be able to hack your data if you are unwilling to change your existing door lock but still want a safety of the highest order and go for the boss my Aegis smart door lock.